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11th September 2012

Plants to Support Healthy Skin
Sue Sprung

A range of plant extracts is being increasingly used in skincare products. This is based on traditional use in skin healing and also more recent research that shows improvements in skin structure and appearance. Sue will talk about common plants that can be used to protect skin from the daily assaults of sunlight and aging processes, and suggest ways of incorporating plant extracts into everyday skincare.

Sue Sprung practices as a medical herbalist in Liverpool, offering individual consultation, herbal prescriptions and diet and lifestyle advice. One of her major aims as a practitioner is to share knowledge about using plant medicine in maintaining and restoring health, which
has been largely lost in society since the advent of pharmaceutical medicines. For contact details see

18th September 2012

Earth Tradition Crystal Workshops - Week 1

The Nature Tradition way of connecting with crystals is animistic; recognising
that consciousness pervades all life and that crystals have spirits and if we
seek to get to know them they can guide us on our life's Journey. This first of three sessions will focus on meeting crystal spirits and how to connect with crystal energy. Please bring 2-3 different crystals to connect with during the three guided activities, plus pen and paper.

Rowan (her Druidic name) has been on a Druidic, Earth Tradition spiritual path for around seven years. Encountering teachings from shaman Fabeku Fatunmise in America has deepened her experiences with crystals. Her website is

25th September 2012

Earth Tradition Crystal Workshops - Week 2

The second of these three workshops will look at ways of divination, meditation and healing - shamanic practises with crystals. It will include a spiral meditatve and divinatory walk, and a healing ceremony using Quartz crystals.

Please bring a pen and paper to make notes- handouts will be given. Please bring any suitable offerings to be made to the Quartz crystals during the healing
ceremony, e.g dried flowers, herbs, incense, oats, seeds. If you play an
instrument such as a small drum or flute they will also be very welcome.

2nd October 2012

Earth Tradition Crystal Workshops - Week 3

For the final workshop in this series, Rowan will demonstrate how to create crystal essences and stone spirit jars, and how to work with energy signatures,
creating stone circles. We will also c
reate a large Stone Circle in which we will be sitting to meditate within the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

You may wish to bring a cushion to sit on. Please also bring pen and paper to make notes - handouts will be given.

For information about Rowan, please see 18th September programme entry.

9th October 2012

Healthy free-from treats and raw "baking"

Decadent-tasting raw chocolate cake and oat and fruit flapjack. Both are very easy to make and free from wheat, sugar, dairy and soya. They are healthy and low in calories. In this session Kari will show how to make them, and you get to eat them, and also take the recipes home. There will also be a talk on raw and free-from baking.

Kari has a long-held interest in wholefood and free-from diets, developing her own recipes which contain no sugar, wheat,soya or dairy produce. She has cooked for the Next to Nowhere Cafe, and at Bhuddist centres.

16th October 2012

The Metamorphic Technique
Denise Wood

The Metamorphic Technique works on the premise that all physical and emotional imbalances are caused by energy blockages which begin in the period between conception and birth. It involves a light, stroking touch on the feet, hands and head. It can be given to anyone of any age or condition and at any stage in life, and is so simple that anyone can learn it. This technique can be powerfully transformative on every level - physical, emotional, spiritual - even bringing change in life circumstances that most people regard as beyond their control.

In this session, Denise will briefly explain the history of the Metamorphic Technique and the principles behind it, and you will then have the opportunity to give and receive a short treatment. It is recommended to bring a cushion and small towel for your comfort - and a clean pair of feet for your partner's! (Wet wipes will be provided.)

Denise Wood is the coordinator of Liverpool Holistic Circle, and a practioner of a broad range of holistic therapies.

23rd October 2012

The Seven Veils of Consciousness
Alan Roberts

The Seven Veils of Consciousness comes from the yogic philosophy that recognizes a conscious Reality substantial to the world of things, lives and minds, that finds in ourselves something similar to, or even identical with, that Reality, and places our fundamental self not in our busy and erratic thoughts and feelings but in awareness of that universal field.

Rudiments of this conscious experience can be found among the traditional lore of peoples in every region of the world, and in developed forms it has a significant place in every one of the higher religions.

These ideas are drawn from the work of Eugene Halliday [freely available at]

Alan Roberts has taught Yoga for 38 years. He has also been a scenic artist and carpenter at the Everyman and the Playhouse, taught in local schools and has a PhD in literature. Alan has already visited LHC to speak about Eugene Halliday - visit his website at

30th October 2012

Shamanic Samhain and hello Halloween
Declan Kerr

This will be the day before new year's eve for witches, wizards, druids, wiccans and old school shamans in the northern or southern hemispheres. Samhain - pronounced sa-win apparently - is the ending of one cycle and the onset of a new, a dying to the old in order to realise the new. It's also the time of year when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest or most transparent.

So, in this year of transformation, October 30th feels like a good opportunity to check in with Mother Earth, Pan and a few of our ancesters and ancestral energy, and do a bit of letting go - some visioning - and some divination, and all within the natural order of things.

Declan Kerr has been one of our regular speakers for a number of years. He is the author of "How to heal with Angels" and "Finding Your Other Half". Further details about Declan at -

6th November 2012

No Hands Massage
Roy Barker

Roy will be talking about how he came to train as a massage therapist and will give a demonstration of NO HANDS©massage treatment. NO HANDS©massage is deep, releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing. It works because we literally do not use our hands, but instead use the soft surfaces of our forearms.This means it is both deeper and more relaxing than conventional massage and the benefits can be felt long after the treatment is over.You can only understand the power of it, by feeling it.

Roy Barker is a complementary therapist based in Woolton and is an Advanced NO HANDS©Massage Practitioner. He is qualified in Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Indian Head massage, Reflexology and Hot Stone massage and has Reiki 2 attunement.

13th November 2012

An Introduction to Astrology
Liz D'Aste

This is a chance to learn the very basics of Astrology. Astrology is the language underpinning all esoteric knowledge. Knowledge really does begin with the stars!

After we have learned about the bare bones such as quadrants, signs, planets, houses we will apply what we learned by analyzing together the sunrise chart of December 21, 2012.

You will be surprised at how much you already know -as above so below. After all, we are star stuff, we are mini solar systems and astrology refers to our own internal workings.

Liz d'Aste has been studying astrology for 29 years and practising for 24. She has a diploma from the Huber Astro-Psychology Institute.

20th November 2012

Plants for Dental Health
Dalbinder Bains and Sue Sprung

Plant extracts are great at inhibiting oral bacteria and plaque formation, and supporting healthy tissue. Although there are some good natural products on the market they're rather expensive; making your own is cheaper and probably more effective, depending on what you put in. This workshop will include:

  • Introduction to using plant extracts topically through toothpaste and mouthwash to support good health of teeth and gums, with reference to research and traditional use, addressing tissue health, plaque and antibacterial aspects.
  • How diet can support dental health
  • Making a toothpaste sample to take home (calcium carbonate and glycerine base) with anti-plaque, antibacterial and healing plant extracts.

Dalbinder Bains is a Medical Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist. She practices in Manchester and Liverpool and is a member of NIMH & BANT.
07841 39377

Sue Sprung practices as a medical herbalist in Liverpool, offering individual consultations, herbal prescriptions and diet and lifestyle advice. For contact details see

27th November 2012

Pluto, The UK Chart, Eclipses and Solar reboots.
Liz D'Aste

Even countries have birth charts and they play out their transits on a very public scale. Pluto, the planet that represents Transformation, is crossing the UK Sun in Capricorn throughout 2013 - hold onto your hats!
Was the total eclipse on the 13th giving us a clue?

Liz d'Aste has been studying astrology for 29 years and practising for 24. She has a diploma from the Huber Astro-Psychology Institute.

4th December 2012
A Taste of Tantra 2
Sarah Rose Bright (formerly Sarah Robinson)

Tantra offers us a different way to experience our sexual pleasure from the tension based, goal orientated pleasure that the majority of us learn. Learning to relax into our pleasure, to breathe, allowing our arousal to flow through our whole being so that our pleasure can expand. Relaxing and letting go of goals we can step into a magical and timeless space. Tantra also expands our vision of what is possible for our pleasure, connecting us to our full potential and the magnificence of our bodies and our beings.

In this evening we will discover a taste of what is possible, giving you simple and practical yet powerful tantric tools for your life. We will explore:
  • Where sex and spirituality meet
  • Breathing and mindfulness practices
  • Conscious touch
  • Pleasure mapping
  • Creating tantric ritual and sacred space

This is a non intimate, clothes on evening! The evening is relevant for everyone - whether single or in a relationship, whatever your sexual orientation or gender identify.

Sarah Rose Bright (previously Sarah Robinson) is a qualified sex coach, sex educator and tantric practitioner. Her mission is to bring more pleasure into the world, guiding you to discover and explore your sexual, soul and life pleasures so that you can grow as a sexual being and expand into more of who you truly are.

Sarah's new website is shortly to be launched at
In the meantime, if you have any questions about this event, please email Sarah on or call 07811 169 508
11th December 2012

Science and the Akashic Field
Hephzibah Yohannan

Mystics have long maintained that "we are like islands in the sea" of an interconnecting cosmic field, "separate on the surface but connected in the deep*". This field, which lies at the roots of reality, conserves and conveys information. Science is beginning to recognise that this field is real, it consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings and even consciousness. Here we explore this "informed universe" through the work of Ervin Lazslo and Eugene Halliday.
(*William James)

Hephzibah Yohannan is a freelance speaker on topics including philosophy, consciousness studies and ancient ideas. She has taught Egyptology and Ancient Egyptian Art for the Manchester University Extra-Mural Department and the Workers' Educational Association.

18th December 2012

Christmas Folklore
Emma McEvoy

A fun look at the magic of Christmas Folklore including Santa, holly, and mistletoe, and how those energies can be used for healing. Also some useful homoeopathic cures for hangover and overindulgence. (Some of these will be available to buy, so bring your purse if you might want them.)

Emma McEvoy is a homoeopath, both classically and shamanically trained,  who practices in Aigburth. Contact            07989445471