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2nd August 11

Chakra Cleansing with Sahaj Yoga (week 3: Nahbi)
Pauline Moran

"The third chakra is the one that gives us the sense of complete satisfaction and contentment. It is the centre which makes us peaceful and generous, and also sustains our spiritual ascent. When enlightened by the Kundalini, it expresses as righteousness and inner sense of morality, and it gives us complete balance at all levels in our life."

"...when Kundalini awakens in you, religion is no more a belief - it becomes a living state within. With your enlightenment, awareness, you are no more a slave of your senses. Like a prophet, you master them and master all the elements, She makes you your own master and in this lifetime, leads you to the eternal freedom of the Spirit." Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

9th August 11

Opening to Channel - A practical workshop to aid meeting your spirit guide.
Jane Calcutt

Throughout recorded history it has been thought that only those with a special gift could connect with a spirit guide, their higher self or the universal mind. This course is a safe and simple, step by step, guide to the art of channelling. These methods can be used by anyone who wishes to open to higher dimensions. All you need is patience, perseverance and a strong desire to make a connection.

This two week course will cover the following:

-  What is channelling?

-  Who are the guides?

-  How guides communicate.

-  Achieving a relaxed state.

-  Holding a focus and concentration.

-  Attuning with life force energy.

-  Trance posture and position.

-  Meeting your guide.

-  Verbally channelling your guide.

-  Questions to ask your guide.

-  Giving readings to other people.


Jane Calcutt has been a teacher for 16 years and is also a Reiki healer. She has regularly attended LHC meetings for the past 2½ years. She has always been interested in spiritual development and has attended a number of courses on various aspects of this subject. Jane was introduced to channelling in 2004, and has found it a source of guidance in all areas of her life, as a teacher, Reiki healer and parent.

16th August 11

Opening to Channel - Week 2
Jane Calcutt

23rd August 11

Oneness Deeksha
Tracey Collins and Paul Stanley

Oneness Deeksha is a profound transfer of energy that clears excessive mental chatter and opens our hearts to experience spontaneous feelings of love, joy and inner calmness. Deeksha is an ancient word derived from Sanskrit that refers to a "benediction" or a "gift", with the notion of "transfer". In short, the receipt of a gift from the Divine, from God, from the Higher Self, which fuels the awakening process.

Oneness Deeksha works to activate the kundalini, balance the chakras, and serves to intelligently guide the recipient on an individual, unique journey into higher states of consciousness, and ultimately awaken into the state of Oneness itself. With it one can have a direct and personal experience of higher qualities of love, unity, joy, silence, peace and Oneness.

Many spiritual traditions say that it is not possible to awaken just with one's own efforts, but rather some form of divine intervention is needed. The Deeksha is simply the Divine reaching out to humanity, offering the assistance that is required for the awakening process to complete itself.

The Oneness Deeksha Blessing is transferred from the Deeksha Giver either by intent or by gently placing their hands on the recipient's head.

Tracey Collins and Paul Stanley are on a spiritual journey which has included meditation, yoga and Quakerism. They were initiated as Deeksha Givers in India in 2009. Since then they have organized regular meetings in the North West to receive blessings. They have also organized courses to initiate new Deeksha Givers and which offer support in personal and spiritual development. For more information about Oneness Deeksha, visit

30th August 11

Feel your Thinking
Hephzibah Yohannan 

Feel Your Thinking is an introduction to Consciousness Studies. The session will touch on the history of philosophical, psychological and scientific ideas about the nature of consciousness.

Hephzibah Yohannan is a freelance speaker on topics including philosophy, consciousness studies and ancient ideas. She has taught Egyptology and Ancient Egyptian Art for the Manchester University Extra-Mural Department and the Workers' Educational Association.

6th September 11

Chakra Cleansing with Sahaj Yoga (week 4)

Pauline Moran


Fourth week of Pauline's chakra cleansing series (week 3 was held on 2nd August - see above).


Pauline Moran is a naturopath, having originally studied osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in Complementary Therapies from the University of Westminster. Pauline was originally involved in art and design, and moved into therapeutic art when working with children with speech and language disorder. Discovering meditation 25 years ago and experiencing its health benefits instigated the move into natural medicine. She practises at Hope Street Holistic Clinic and teaches Sahaja Yoga every Monday free of charge. Tel: 0798 992 7701, E-mail:


13th September 11

Introducing Joseph

"My name is Joseph. I have been in the spirit realms for thousands of years and as I climbed the spiritual ladder, many things were revealed to me: I was made aware of the origins of Creation, the reasons for the Earth being there and the nature of man and his soul. It was pointed out to me that there were many things wrong with the Earth plane: that souls were returning there for the wrong reasons; that they were not learning; that they had become trapped in a cycle of existence and had turned their backs on the true God - the God within them."

Joseph is a highly evolved spirit guide who is deeply concerned about the fate of mankind and returns to channel important spiritual information from the higher realms through the spirit medium, Michael G. Reccia.

I first heard about Joseph and Michael in March 2009 and have been fortunate enough to be present at two public meetings where Joseph spoke through Michael and answered the questions of those present. I've also read all three of Joseph's books. For a long time I've wanted to make more people aware of Joseph's message, and now it seems more urgent than ever. The main focus of this evening will be a showing of a DVD of "An Audience with Joseph," followed by some of Joseph's teachings about the nature of the Earth and some meditations for healing the Earth's energy Field.

I am immensely grateful to Michael and his partner, Jane, for allowing me to do this. For more information about Joseph see   

For "Joseph" mediations click here.  

20th September 11

Introduction to A Course in Miracles
Suzanne Quinney

"This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. The course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

Above is a quote from the course that Suzanne read when she picked the book off a shelf in Waterstones in 1991 - it moved her to tears and The Course has been part of her life since then. One of the reasons she went to live in Findhorn was to be able to study it with others - there's no doubt that it contains some major challenges to our ego, and Suzanne felt that joining with others in studying it would be very helpful to her.

For a time she went to 2 study groups a week, and although at times she has got very angry with it (or rather her interpretation of it) she has always returned to it, and recognises a deep beauty and loving presence behind the words.  She has studied with some of the main teachers of The Course, including Ken Wapnick, Jerry Jampolsky, and most importantly her fellow group members.  She has taught workshops with Michael Dawson in Findhorn, and hosted a study group at her house since she moved to Liverpool in 2004.

The evening will include an introduction to some of the key teachings of the Course, an explanation of how it came to be written, and some time for reflection.

To download the handout from this session click here.

(Suzanne also has a one day workshop for women coming up on 8th October. Click here for more information.)

Jan 2012 workshop.

27th September 11

The Healing Power of Story
Roger Hill

In this workshop Roger will offer some reflections on the ways storytelling can interact with our daily lives to stimulate us creatively and support healing processes as part of a holistic view of what puts the "human" into human beings.

Roger Hill is an educationalist, theatre practitioner, broadcaster and artist currently leading Storytelling workshops for the Workers' Educational Association.

4th October 11

Sarah Barria-Norton and Sue Fleming
BodyTalk is a comprehensive system of non-invasive techniques designed to re-establish healthy communication and harmony within the body systems. It was developed by Australian chiropractor/acupuncturist John Veltheim over 15 years ago. Its benefits include enhanced overall wellbeing, improved vitality, relief
of tension, improved mood and sleep, emotional wellness and balance.
This session will introduce the BodyTalk system and also demonstrate the 'Cortices Technique', which everyone can do on themselves and on members of their family to relieve tension and maintain emotional balance. The BodyTalk
protocol chart, which is the basis for every BodyTalk session and covers every
aspect of the body, mind and spirit, will be explained. The evening will also
include a demo BodyTalk session for a member of the audience, and time for
Sarah Barria-Norton and Sue Fleming are Reiki practitioners and qualified BodyTalk Practitioners who have their own clinic in Ness on the Wirral. They both came across BodyTalk at the same time, 5 years ago, and have subsequently trained in all the advanced modules and are two of the very few practitioners in the NorthWest. They come from different backgrounds - Sarah a Spanish teacher and Sue a Reiki Master and Relate Counsellor - but have joined together to form BodyTalk Plus, a specialist BodyTalk and Reiki Clinic.
For further information see 

11th October 11

Chakra Cleansing with Sahaj Yoga (week 5)
Pauline Moran

The fourth chakra, the chakra of the heart, is the place where resides our Spirit, our true Self, which is eternally pure and unaffected by anything, like a shining diamond hidden within us which witnesses all our actions. After Self-Realization, our attention becomes for
the first time connected to our Spirit and we gradually become aware of it.  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

For a technique to help clear the heart chakra, please bring 3 candles, one perhaps a tealight in a holder so that wax will not spill as it is moved around. For those who would like to try the cleansing 'footsoak' technique, please bring a footsoaking bowl - or a washing up bowl which will be used exclusively for feet - plus a plastic jug, and a small towel.

More information and meditations can be found by following these links:

Pauline Moran practises naturopathy and other holistic therapies at Hope Street Holistic Clinic and teaches Sahaja Yoga every Monday free of charge at the 'Clove Hitch', 23 Hope Street. To contact her Tel:0798 992 7701, E-mail:

18th October 11

Wonderful Weeds
Sue Sprung

There are so many plants around us that are considered weeds, yet are used for many
varied purposes in the practice of herbal medicine. This session will cover the uses of a selection including Nettle, Dandelion, Marigold and Couch Grass. There will also be an opportunity to taste teas made with some of these useful plants.

Sue Sprung practices as a medical herbalist in Liverpool, offering individual consultation, herbal prescriptions and diet and lifestyle advice. One of her major aims as a practitioner is to share knowledge about using plant medicine in maintaining and restoring health, which
has been largely lost in society since the advent of pharmaceutical medicines. For contact details see

25th October 11 

Re-Conceive your Conception with Reference Point Therapy
Denise Wood

There are many healing modalities which focus on pre-birth traumas and patterns as the source of imbalance in our lives. One of the newest and most powerful is Reference Point Therapy, which works on the basis that every problem we experience has its origin in a trauma or event in the distant past, often far back in our ancestry. Simon Rose, the
founder of Reference Point Therapy (RPT) has identified a series of "Key Developmental Events", specific points in the process from conception to birth, where most trauma and negative "programmes" seem to be stored. By clearing the trauma from these key moments, we can clear many of our blocks at once. The most critical of these points is conception.

In this session, Denise will give an overview of the Key Developmental Events model. She will then guide all who wish to participate through a process of "Re-Conception", allowing you to begin clearing the blocks that may have affected your health and happiness throughout your life.

Denise Wood has received training in all three levels of Reference Point Therapy from Simon and Evette Rose. She offers one-to-one sessions in RPT and a number of other therapies (call 0151 4271607 or email for appointments). For more information about Reference Point Therapy see


1st November 11 

Chakra Cleansing with Sahaj Yoga (week 6)
Pauline Moran 

"The fifth chakra (Vishuddhi) is the chakra of diplomacy, of pure relationships with others, and of playful detachment. It removes all our guilt and remorse when it is opened by the Kundalini, and gives us a kind and compassionate voice. The tendencies to dominate others or to feel dominated by others, the feelings of superiority or inferiority and all jealousies are removed when this chakra is nourished by the Kundalini."   Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi 

One of the qualities that we need to develop for our spiritual growth is that of staying from the problems we face every day whilst trying to survive in the modern world. The flowering of the Vishuddhi Chakra provides us with a sense of detachment which lets us witness the Play of Life to survive in the modern world. As a result we avoid being brought down by things which seem traumatic, but are in fact simple 'events' or 'coincidences' which we must pass through to reach the Other Shore.

Reading and meditation links:

For those who would like to try the cleansing 'footsoak' technique, please bring a
footsoaking bowl - or a washing up bowl which will be used exclusively for feet- plus a plastic jug, and a small towel.

8th November 11 

Art of Living
Dr Jagadish

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisation engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organisation operates globally in 151 countries.

The organisation's programmes are guided by Sri Sri's philosophy of peace: "Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world Peace." To help individuals get rid of stress and experience inner peace, the Art of Living Foundation offers programmes which have helped millions around the world to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies, spreading peace across communities through diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution, disaster relief, sustainable rural development, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all and environmental sustainability.

The Art of Living Part 1 course is based on the ancient knowledge of the art of living and the healing power of the breath, adapted to the needs of modern life. It offers practical tools to eliminate stress and awake our innate potential to heal ourselves, bringing greater peace, energy, awareness, and joy to daily life.

This evening's session will include:
· Introduction to Art of Living.
· How the quality of life is determined by the state of the mind. What is stress and how to  tackle it effectively and easily?
. Question and answer.
. Short meditation.    

Dr Jagadish is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral. He has been associated with AOL for 18 years and a teacher for10 years.
An Art of Living Part 1 course will be held in Liverpool  November 18th - 21st (Friday and Monday evenings, Saturday and Sunday all day). For more details click here .


15th November 11   African Drumming

Joseph Odita


Joseph Odita finds the African drum is the one that most lifts the vibration of the person playing it and leaves them with a feeling of well being. Learning to play African percussion is fun and very relaxing, and a good way to release stress. It also brings people together through laughter. Anyone can learn, regardless of age.


For this session, Joseph will be bringing several drums so that as many people as possible can have a go. If you have your own drum please bring it along. The evening will end with a healing meditation to the sound of the drum.



Joseph Oditahas been playing percussion instruments for many years. He has been teaching others to play the African drum for about 6 years.


22nd November 11   Zest4Life(First of two linked sessions)

Dalbinder Bains


The Zest4Life programme is designed to motivate you to change and improve your body, health and well-being permanently and safely. The programme was developed to fill the need for an easy to follow programme which is an intelligent and healthy approach to better health and weight loss with better long term sustainable results.


A GP-led health project based on Zest4life has recently concluded with impressive results. Twenty-one patients who followed Zest4Life over 12 weeks collectively lost 21 stone with a low GL diet and exercise. Blood tests showed that their risk factors for diabetes/heart disease had substantially reduced. For some this will mean that medication will not be required and for others it has meant that they can begin to reduce the level of medication, under close GP supervision. Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels reduced and participants had more energy, reduced cravings, better sleep and more stable moods.



Dalbinder Bainsis a Medical Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist. She practices in Manchester and Liverpool and is a member of NIMH & BANT.As well as teaching, more recently Dalbinder has completed practitioner training in weight loss with Patrick Holford's Zest4Life Programme. Her contact details are :- 07841 393775,



29th November 11 

Zest4Life (Second of two linked sessions)

Dalbinder Bains


The second of two sessions on the Zest4life programme. This session will be more interactive, with an opportunity to have individual diet diaries assessed and to be weighed with a body composition machine.


This is an opportunity to re-learn how to eat properly and healthily - in a way you can continue for the rest of their lives for you and use for all your family. The focus of the programme is on balancing your blood sugar levels to raise your energy levels so you feel better, look better and have more energy to do all the things you wish to do.


Dalbinder Bainsis a Medical Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist. She practices in Manchester and Liverpool and is a member of NIMH & BANT.As well as teaching, more recently Dalbinder has completed practitioner training in weight loss with Patrick Holford's Zest4Life Programme. Her contact details are :- 07841 393775,



6th December 11

Chakra Cleansing with Sahaj Yoga (week 7)
Pauline Moran

 "The fifth centre is called as Vishuddhi Chakra. This is placed in the neck and it has sixteen petals which look after ears, nose, throat, neck, tongue, teeth etc. This centre is responsible for communication with others because through our eyes, through our nose, through our speech,through our hands, we communicate with others. On the physical level it caters for the cervical plexus."Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

For a technique to help clear the Vischudi chakra, please bring 3 candles, one perhaps a tealight in a holder so that wax will not spill as it shall be moved around.

For those who would like to try the cleansing 'footsoak' technique, please bring a footsoaking bowl - or a washing up bowl which will be used exclusively for feet - plus a plastic jug, and a small towel.

For more information click here.

Pauline Moranpractises naturopathy and other holistic therapies at Hope Street Holistic Clinic and teaches Sahaja Yoga every Monday free of charge at the'Clove Hitch', 23 Hope Street. To contact herTel:0798 992 7701, E-mail:

13th December 11

Pre-Christmas Chillout
David Willson

Relax and unwind at this stressful time of year, with an evening of massage and meditation. David will lead us through some simple massage routines, eg. foot, hand and arm, back neck and shoulders, followed by a guided meditation. Please bring a cushion and a small towel.

As this will be our final meeting of the year we'll end with the traditional mince pies and mulled wine/grape juice.

David Willson is a massage therapist who specialises in workplace massage and sports massage. He can be contacted on 07753216210