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Liverpool Holistic Circle meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7.15 for 7.30 pm. Just come along: you will be very welcome! Click on the How to Find Us link for more details.

 16th January and
6th February 

Medical Astrology
Emma McEvoy

In these two sessions Emma will explain how the birth chart relates to healing and anatomy, with particular reference to the Astrological House system. Please bring a copy of your own birth chart. You can get a free birth chart from several websites - a good one is Astrodienst - 

Emma McEvoy discovered astrology at the age of eight and has been studying it ever since. She has recently embarked on an intensive course in Medical Astrology. She is a homeopath, Reiki Master and a practitioner of other holistic disciplines. Her practice, based in Aigburth, has been established for 17 years. For appointments contact 07989 445471 or or visit her website at
20th February
Understanding Yourself Using Transactional Analysis
Amanda Onwuemene 

Transactional Analysis is a method of understanding our thoughts, feelings and behaviours through the analysis of what was said to us in childhood, what was not said to us and through body language. Understanding the purpose of how we function in the here and now allows us to make changes in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour in order that we begin to live the life we desire for ourselves. This session will give an introduction to Transactional Analysis through an explanation of ego states, script, psychological games and game analysis.

Amanda Onwuemene has worked as a Psychotherapist in private practice in Liverpool and Manchester for the past fourteen years using both Transactional Analysis and Integrative Relational Psychotherapy. A lecturer and clinical supervisor, Amanda provides training and workshops from introductory to Postgraduate Masters level in Transactional Analysis and Psychotherapy. Amanda has also trained in a range of complimentary therapies and is a Reiki Master, providing a holistic and dynamic overview of emotional health and wellbeing.
Amanda Onwuemene MBACP, Pg Cert Personality Disorder
Individual, Couple and Group Therapy, Supervision, Workshops and Training.
45a Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EW
583 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AE           Mob 07984304405

6th March 
Exploring the Aura
Denise Wood

If you've ever had the experience of feeling someone looking at you, you'll know that your consciousness does not end at the outer limits of your body. In fact your energy field, or aura, interpenetrates, surrounds and extends well beyond your physical self. 
In this session I'll teach you a way to "see" your own and other people's auras and interpret them. This will involve some "artwork" (or colouring, for the less arty among us) so please bring any paints, crayons, coloured pencils, pastels you may have (or can "borrow" from your kids/grandkids.) I'll bring paper and ordinary pencils.

Denise Wood is the coordinator of Liverpool Holistic Circle. She's been working with energy for 17 years, and practises a wide range of holistic therapies. For information about one-to-one sessions, please email in the first instance.

20th March
Didgeridoo Sound Bath
Darren Greene 

The didgeridoo is an ancient Australian musical instrument. 

A Didgeridoo Sound Bath is a form of vibrational healing which invigorates and clears your energetic system. It can also help with relaxation and it can bring harmony to mind and body.
During a didgeridoo session the didgeridoo is played in the room and also can be played around your body.

Darren Greene has over 20 years experience in meditation, healing and energy work. He facilitates meditation groups and has now started doing sound baths with the didgeridoo. 
3rd April 
No Meeting 
17th April
No Meeting