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12th January 10

An Introduction to the Work of Byron Katie
Suzanne Quinney

"My partner doesn't listen."

"My children are disobedient."

"I hate my job."

"My life would be better if…"

Thoughts like these pass through our minds throughout the day, causing us stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and depression. You can learn a simple way to clear the mind and move from fear to freedom, from anger to joy, and from confusion to clarity. Anyone with an open mind can do The Work. The Work is a way of experiencing the opposite of what you believe. This process is simple, radical, and can be life-changing.

During this introductory presentation, you will

§          Learn to identify and question your stressful thinking.

§          Experience how you live your life when you believe
thoughts that are not true for you.

§          Discover new possibilities and different perspectives.

§          Learn how to facilitate yourself and others using The Work's four questions and turnarounds.

Realize what is true for you, and take home a powerful tool that can help you live with clarity and integrity.

Suzanne Quinney trained with Byron Katie in California in 2000, and since that time has facilitated many workshops and individual sessions. She lived in Findhorn for 8 years, and was instrumental in bringing Katie to Findhorn to deliver a workshop. She has also staffed at other seminars that Katie has presented at in the UK. She has lived in Liverpool for the last 5 years.

19th January 10

Tantra for Complete Beginners

Ged Quayle

Much talked about but little understood, Tantra has held a fascination for thousands of years. Known principally as a system of sex yoga, in reality Tantra is a beautiful, profound and humane philosophy that gives us an insight into the faith and beliefs of some of our remotest ancestors, and a profound insight into our lives today. The talk will be in two halves; the first will be a seated talk, the second will involve movement and physical contact. Ged promises that it'll be gentle, informative and fun.

Ged Quayle has been a student of the occult since childhood and a student of Osho since 1990. He was a member of a Tantric study group in the early 1990s and has pursued the interest ever since.


2nd February 10

The Language of the Soul

Tony Cawley


As best I can see, there are most likely only two fundamental processes at work in our lives. One that leads us deeper and deeper into manifestation, separation, time, space, identity; an increasing entanglement in our smaller self and it's dramas of victim hood, blame, denial, avoidance etc. No matter how hard we try, we become more and more entangled, lost and unconscious. It is a downward spiral.


The other is its reverse. Just as we are breathed out into time and space, as figments of life's imagination, so we are forever called home. This divine calling, or invitation, is all around us. We are constantly encountering it. Yet it falls on deaf ears and our eyes pass it by. It is a language that we have forgotten, but it is as fresh and present now as it has ever been, and it can be re discovered.


It is not an intellectual language of facts, data, or perspectives; it is a living force within the body, the feelings and the imagination, which invites us into an encounter with the healing and awakening power of the Infinite. It is the language of the Soul, and to hear it is to be touched by it, and transformed by it; to be drawn into the in breath of the upward spiral, back towards our Universal Nature. 


We will explore not just the theory of this, but also have a taster of the process itself.


Tony Cawley has been a psychotherapist in private practice in Liverpool for 22 years. Before that he did many things, including being a one parent family, working in therapeutic communities, running a drug rehabilitation community and running away to sea. He has had a lifelong spiritual search, with many a twist and turn, but says he has fortunately always managed to make the right mistake at the right time!


9th February 10

The Language of the Soul - part 2

Tony Cawley


There is a Super Intelligence at work within each one of us. It is constantly available and always concerned for our welfare; always listening and always willing to converse. Yet somehow, partly through conditioning, partly through fear, and partly I suspect through universal design itself, we have come to ignore it.


It knows our history; it knows who we really are and what we may be. It knows what we are here for. It knows our strengths, our weaknesses and our secret fears. It knows our very Soul. Most significantly though, it knows the way forward! It knows how we can heal and become whole again, stronger and wiser with every day that we live, and it is literally busting to show us the way forward.


If I showed you how to communicate with this Universal Intelligence (a simple enough task that anyone can master) would you be able to find the courage to look, listen, hear, feel, and be touched by this astonishing presence?


For information about Tony, see his first talk, above.


16th February 10

An Introduction to EFT
Denise Wood

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system" ~ Dr Roger Callahan


When we "hold on to" negative emotions, they eventually cause physical symptoms, but tapping on meridian points can restore the smooth flowing of energy through the meridian system, thus releasing the negative emotion. EFT is one such method of meridian tapping. It is very simple to learn and can be used by anyone as a self-help tool for fears, phobias, addictions, trauma, physical pain, and many other applications.


This workshop will teach you the basics of EFT and give everyone an opportunity to try it out for themselves. 

Denise Wood is a practitioner of EFT, as well as many other therapies.

23rd February 10

Natural Bodycare
Laura Kemp

Laura will present this workshop on natural bodycare products. Everyone will have a chance to make one 100ml bottle of either shampoo, conditioner or shower gel free of charge. Additional items can be made at a cost of £1.50 per 100ml bottle. All ingredients are free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).


The session will include:

  • The effects of parabens and SLS.
  • Therapeutic effects of essential oils and other oils.
  • Smelling session.
  • Making session.
  • Label making

Laura Kemp is the proprietor of Holistix, a local small business supplying herbs, essential oils and handmade bodycare products. A range of her products will be available to purchase or order, so you may wish to bring some extra cash or your cheque book.


WARNING: Holistix products are extremely reasonably priced, as well as being wholesome and smelling delicious (I write from long experience) so you may find it hard to resist the temptation. However, they make lovely gifts too, so you'll have a good excuse for buying a few!

2nd March 10

Mandalas to Bless the Earth

Katharina Brocke


The evening will be an introduction to the work of 'Byakko Shinko Kai' (White Light Association), a worldwide organization, which originated in Japan over 50 years ago, dedicated to help create a more peaceful civilisation on earth. Its activities are rooted in the universal prayer for world peace, "May Peace Prevail on Earth", as well as other powerful tools to help manifest one's higher aspects and goals.


One of these tools is the creation of written mandalas, filled with words of gratitude to nature or affirmations of infinite light, acknowledging the profound effects of our word and thought vibrations on the health of the earth and ourselves. We are encouraged to take responsibility for how we use this creative potential of words as sources of power, energy and blessing.


Through writing affirmations consisting of universal qualities, such as infinite light or infinite love, we are calling these qualities forth from the universal source and instilling them into our consciousness, our physical body and the atmosphere around us. The finished mandala acts like a convex lens, and becomes a powerful field of universal energy radiating its harmonising vibrations throughout the physical plane.


Katharina Brocke has lived and worked within the Findhorn Community for the last 25 years. As an experienced facilitator she is working with the 'Game of Transformation' and is presently leading workshops in helping people to attune to the subtle realities in nature. She also trained with and works internationally for the Japanese Peace Organisation Byakko Shinko Kai.



9th March 10

Manifesting Your Soul's Plan

Alesha Schechinah Keen


Would you like to:

·         Understand your experiences, dreams and difficulties in life?

·         Understand and work through your challenges?

·         Understand why certain patterns keep repeating & how to transform them?

·         Engage with your soul's purpose?

·         Understand your relationships?


Alesha will explain how your birth name can be interpreted into a set of energies that your soul has set in place for this life time. This process is called a Soul Contract Reading, which is an accurate, in depth, channelled system of spiritual interpretation, which will enable you to understand, manage and overcome the current challenges in your life. It describes your karma (lessons), talents (qualities), goals (what drives you) and soul destiny (your purpose for being here). It can help you to understand difficulties, relationships and repeating patterns in your life.


There will be examples of people's names that everyone will know, and those of volunteers from the group. 


Alesha Keen is a Transformation Coach and Soul Contract Reader, based in Hough Green. She specialises in assisting people in their awakening to higher levels of awareness and consciousness, using a number of multi-dimensional healing modalities and dynamic change interventions.

16th March 10

The effect of retained childhood reflexes on development and learning
Louise Cooke

Due to some modern practices of child rearing babies and children are not moving as much. Because of this they are missing out on movements that inhibit the infant reflexes that are present at birth. If these reflexes are retained they can stop the brain from developing as it should resulting in various learning difficulties such as attention disorders, dyspraxia and developmental delay (often seen as difficulties with academic skills like reading and writing).

This workshop will introduce:

·          Infant reflexes and their effect on the brain and behaviour.

·          How to stimulate babies and young children to enhance their development.

·          Movements to stimulate any brain!

Louise Cooke has taught Brain Gym for the last ten years and has recently trained in new therapies and techniques to work with children with Developmental Disorders, including more severe cases with diagnoses of Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia.

23rd March 10

Joan Jones

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy which can help with both specific injuries and general symptoms of poor health. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives. 

Common conditions which have been helped by Shiatsu include back pain, headaches, migraines, joint pain, menstrual problems, digestive problems, asthmatic symptoms and depression.

The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is that vital energy (Ki) flows throughout the body in a series of channels called meridians.  For many different reasons Ki can stop flowing freely and this then produces a symptom. 

Shiatsu is a therapy that works on the individual as a complete being - not just the physical body but also on an emotional and/or mental level. 

Joan Jones was introduced to Shiatsu in 1995, when she was a bereavement counsellor working with individuals and families in Alder Hey Children's Hospital.  

She signed up for a 12 month course, then the full three year course leading to full Practitioner status. Joan found that her Shiatsu studies complemented her counselling and vice versa.  She believes that Shiatsu helped her to stay working in a very emotionally challenging role. 





























































































































30th March 10

Personal Tarot

Dee Toth-Jones


Working with the tarot is a very personal experience, and each of us has our own journey unravelling before us, a palimpsest of lessons, challenges and experiences. The tarot is not just a divinatory tool; it is made up of a series of archetypes embodying these lessons, a series of common symbols from many cultures, and we all move through each card on our journey. Through our lives, we find that the energies of certain cards predominate at different times, and this talk will explore the ways in which we can analyse which energies are currently at play, and the lessons we are grappling with at different stages in our lives.


Dee Toth-Jones developed an interest in the tarot at an early age. Dee believes that everyone has something to offer, as everyone experiences the world in a different way, seeing things through different eyes; we all have our part to play in weaving the fabric of life! Dee now reads from Pegasus Pathways in Liverpool, and teaches courses on tarot. She is currently studying for a  postgraduate degree in her other passion, archaeology. Her website is:



6th April 10


13th April 10

An Introduction to Reading with Tarot
Dee Toth-Jones

The tarot is most widely renowned as a tool for divination. In essence, it breaks down the energies in a person's life, identifying the key themes and issues that the individual is facing. Here we will explore how we can break those energies down into their components using the tarot, and work through our own issues by becoming aware of the archetypes and elemental energies that we are using day to day.


See Dee's first talk on 30th March for information about her.


20th April 10

An Evening with Earth Soul Vibrations

Wendy and Louie


This is an introduction to exploring sound and its effects upon the body. Louie and Wendy they enjoy mixing sound with other therapies, highlighting the positive effects of sound into everyday lifestyles for the therapist,client,family and friends. A wide range of instruments are used, asa well as breath with voice work. A group treatment will be provided and time to sample instruments, such as an Indian shruti box, while exploring sound vibrations and effects upon the body using some meditation techniques. Altogether, an experience not to be missed!


Wendy and Louie are sound therapists; Wendy is an experienced counsellor, artist, Reiki, angel trainer and sound therapist. Louie is an experienced sound therapist and holds other therapy qualifications.


27th April 10

Beltane workshop
Laura Kemp

Beltane is the traditional Celtic festival to celebrate the coming of light and summer. Laura will help us mark the return of light and life by exploring the roots of paganism, herbal folklore, the uses of herbs for different purposes and the making of herbal sachets.

There will be an opportunity to make a herbal sachet for your own chosen piurpose, using methods of 'enchanting' your sachet (energising it and programming it with your intention).

All the materials for the workshop will be provided at no extra cost, but you may like to bring some extra money to buy Laura's lovely 'Holistix' products.

Laura Kemp is the proprietor of Holistix, a local small business supplying herbs, essential oils and handmade bodycare products. A range of her products will be available to purchase or order, so you may wish to bring some extra cash or your cheque book.

4th May 10

Connecting to the energies we need

Declan Kerr


We're here as spiritual beings in human from, and one does not need to be at the expense of another i.e. it's fine to be all aspects of ourselves, and as we become more spiritual so our appreciation of how it is to be physical can increase massively. We can have a very holistic experience of becoming our true selves!


And so we can plug into earth and spiritual energies to sustain and develop our understanding of how it is to live with all aspects of our lives at the same time. In balance and harmony.


The evening will therefore be about how to plug in to connect and receive the energies we need, and we'll experiment with doing this, and see how it feels to do this and receive these energies.


Declan Kerr is a healer, a writer, and presents workshops and talks. His particular journey at the moment is in understanding and making accessible processes in which we can become more of ourselves, for the experience of being ourselves is what he believes we are here for. There's more at

11th May 10

The Oneness Movement and the Oneness Blessing

On their website, Oneness NorthWest defines the Oneness Blessing as "... a global phenomenon, a transfer of energy to help to deepen the experience of connectedness or oneness. It is available to everybody regardless of background and culture and it is fully compatible with any faith, spiritual practice or lifestyle".

The Oneness Blessing is given by a gentle touch to the head. There will be several recently-initiated Blessing Givers ready and eager to share this lovely energy, including myself, Tony and Jane, and all other Blessing Givers are invited to come and participate.


18th May 10

An Evening with Osho
Jan Evans

The teachings of Osho, an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, combine elements from all the major religions and many other philosphical traditions. He developed new forms of meditation, which include movement and sound and which aim to help people attain enlightenment.


Jan has been a follower of Osho's teachings since 1983. In this evening's session she will give a short introductory talk followed by a Nadabrahma meditation, based on an ancient Tibetan technique, which includes humming, giving and receiving energy with circular hand movements, and silent sitting.


Jan Evans has been practising meditation since 1969,and hasstudied and practised with various teachers in schools of Buddhism.These days she runs workshops in relaxation through meditation at WHISC (Women's Health Information & Support Centre) in Bold St, and other organisations. She is also a Reiki master.

25th May 10

Sound Therapy for All

Wendy and Louie


Wendy Woo and Louie make a welcome return with another great sound therapy session. No musical ability required! Just allow the experience to take hold,and experience vocal chanting combined with drumming and sound instruments such as the Indian shruti box. There will be time to play the many instruments and to explore their individual vibrations. Learn about using sound with other therapies, and more.


Wendy and Louie are sound therapists; Wendy is an experienced counsellor, artist, Reiki, angel trainer and sound therapist. Louie is an experienced sound therapist and holds other therapy qualifications.

1st June 10

The Function and Use of Dreams

Brian Gill 


Brian will talk about the different levels which dreams come from in the psyche: the subconscious, the waking consciousness (ordinary consciousness) and the superconscious. The different roles and functions of dreams. How we can use dreams to enrich our lives.


Brian Gill has worked in transpersonal psychology for more than 45 years in a wide range of situations.


8th June 10

Meditation - How to not do it
Jan Evans

Zen speaks of effortless effort.

Osho says, 'Don't just do something, sit there'.

Shakespeare said, 'To be or not to be'...

What does all this mean, why meditate? A short talk on the question will be followed by some tastes of different techniques, including Laughing Meditation - it could even be fun...

Jan Evans has been practising meditation since 1969,and hasstudied and practised with various teachers in schools of Buddhism.These days she runs workshops in relaxation through meditation at WHISC (Women's Health Information & Support Centre) in Bold St, and other organisations. She is also a Reiki master.