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You cannot attend these workshops because they have already happened!

13th Jan 09

Biology and Belief
Mark W Foster 

Mark will be exploring the fascinating and powerful connection between our beliefs, our physical biology & our world. See how our thoughts and perceptions of reality are formed and how they affect our very cells and our DNA. The implications of this material are massive for us all, especially in health and well being, wealth creation, relationships and ultimately for our personal and collective evolution. 

Formerly a firefighter, Mark W Foster is now one of the UK's top Law of Attraction coaches, who uses his down to earth style to uplift and empower. "Everything is energy", he says, "and we get to play with it".

20th Jan 09

Therapy Share and Meditation

Come along to experience a taster of a therapy, and/or to offer tasters of whatever you do.

Therapists: please bring along whatever you need to give a short treatment. Therapists are encouraged to give two treatments and then receive one.

Non-therapists are very welcome, too - just be ready to bliss out!

The session will end with some meditation. 

27th Jan 09

Oriental Themed Craft Workshop
Liz Millington 

The 2009 Chinese Lunar festival will start from the 26th January and bring in the Year of the Ox. To tie in with Chinese New Year celebrations we will be running an oriental themed craft workshop. Under Liz Millington's guidance, we will make some oriental cards, calendars and book marks using oriental papers, materials and paper craft techniques.


Craft materials used on the evening are free. Liz will also be selling some craft materials you can take away and use at home, so if you might be tempted bring along your purse!


Liz Millington runs a successful mobile craft business providing craft workshops and demonstrations to community and council run organisations. She works within Merseyside and Lancashire providing workshops for adults and children.


3rd Feb 09

NLP for Transformation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Workshop 1
Hugh Jones

This series of four workshops will explore some of the fundamental elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming change processes.


The workshops have been designed for people who have an interest in transformation, and will explore practical ways of using Neuro-Linguistic Programming for change.


Sessions will be very hands-on. They will include practical demonstrations and experiential exercises where you will have the opportunity to experience tried and tested NLP change processes at first-hand and from different perspectives: as a practitioner, an explorer, and an observer.


The workshops are designed to be accessible for everyone - those who are looking for personal transformation, practitioners from other disciplines such as coaching, counselling or therapy, and those who are new to this area. No prior experience or knowledge of NLP is needed.

Hugh Jones works as a Success Coach and accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. He has been running his own independent coaching practice for 8 years. He operates extensively in the North West, with a variety of business / corporate and private clients. He has been a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming since 2003 and has found the use of NLP to be absolutely invaluable in facilitating transformation for clients.


10th Feb 09

NLP for Transformation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Workshop 2
Hugh Jones

See information above for the first workshop on 3rd February.

17th Feb 09

An Introduction to Sound Therapy 1
Louise and Shirley (The Holistic Duo)

The 'Holistic Duo' will lead two hands-on workshops, focusing on how sound therapy can complement other holistic therapies such as Reiki.

Sound has a profound effect on the body: it can make changes at cellular level and bring about chemical reactions in the brain. Sound therapy can be used to balance the chakras and the body's energy systems by playing the note the chakra needs.

Louise and Shirley will demonstrate a sound therapy treatment, showing how sound integrates into the body.


There will also be an opportunity to sample sounds from a range of instruments such as drums, gongs, ting shaws (the small Tibetan cymbals), tuning forks and singing bowls.


Join them for this exciting experience, and if you have any instruments (drums, cymbals, singing bowls, didgeridoos, double bass - whatever!) please bring them along.



The Holistic Duo are Louise and Shirley.
Louise is a sound therapist and practitioner of Reiki, Indian head massage, Theta healing, crystal therapy and reflexology, as well as training trainers. Shirley is also a sound practitioner who uses Reiki and reflexology. Their passion is sharing their knowledge of sound and the benefits of sound therapy. 

24th Feb 09

An Introduction to Sound Therapy 2
Louise and Shirley (The Holistic Duo)

See above - and don't forget to bring any instruments, to see if we can make even more good vibrations than last week!

3rd Mar 09

NLP for Transformation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Workshop 3: Perceptual Positions
Hugh Jones

If you didn't make it to the first two of Hugh's sessions, see the 3rd February listing above for what it's all about!

10th Mar 09

NLP for Transformation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Workshop 4: Parts Integration
Hugh Jones

See above.

17th Mar 09

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (week 1)
Christine Andain

Feng Shui

The art of Feng Shui is the designing of your living and working space to create or enhance, success, wealth, happiness, and health in life. Feng Shui is about making energy move in a way that helps you realise your ambitions. The philosophy of Feng Shui is that the environment in which we live affects the sort of people we are. By balancing the two in harmony we can actually influence our future.


9 Star Ki

9 star ki is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world based on the I Ching operating on a nine year cycle. Knowing where you are at any given time can save you from frustration or disappointment. You can also use this information wisely to plan the timing of new projects, moving house, changing jobs or studying.


Over the four weeks participants will gain an understanding of:

·         Form and Compass school Feng Shui

·         How each part of your house is representative of a different area of your family's life

·         Cures that can be used

·         Clutter and the problems it causes

·         How to work out your 9 Star Ki

·         What opportunities there are in each of the nine years of the cycles.


Christine will also invite you to bring in a diagram of their living area so we can have mini-consultations during one of the workshops.


Christine Andain has been a Feng Shui practitioner for over ten years. She has also had a regular slot on Radio Merseyside.

24th Mar 09

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (week 2)
Christine Andain

See 17th March above for details of the Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki workshops.

31st Mar 09

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (week 3)
Christine Andain

See 17th March above for details of the Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki workshops.

7th Apr 09

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (week 4)
Christine Andain

In this workshop Christine will focus on techniques for energetic space-clearing.

There will be an additional session about 9 Star Ki the week after next, on 21st April.

14th Apr 09




21st Apr 09

Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki (week 5)
Christine Andain

This additional session will focus on 9 Star Ki - one of the oldest astrological systems.

28th Apr 09


The Somatics workshop has had to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. We hope to be able to re-arrange it for a later date.

Instead, there will be a talk on
Using Bach Flower Remedies with Animals, which will explore why companion animals can suffer from emotional/behavioural problems, and how we can help them.

5th May 09

Meeting with Angels
Declan Kerr

An evening for connecting with angels - including our guardian angel - and giving an opportunity to develop our relationship(s) with angels and inviting them to spend more time in our lives.

More information about Declan Kerr soon!


12th May 09

Where Science meets Spirituality: Whole Science
Kerry Needs

In this talk Kerry Needs will uncover some of the fascinating research that has been discovered over the last few decades. Learn about the incredible power that your mind may hold to heal your body, to pick up on other's thoughts, and even to affect the material world itself.
Kerry will give a brief overview into topics such as telepathy, out of body experiences, near death experiences, mental imagery and visualisation, plus much more.
If you would like to find out more, visit Kerry's new online magazine Whole Science at which explores the potential of the human mind.

Kerry Needs is a writer and speaker and interviews scientists from around the world who are conducting research into the power of the mind. She also has a self development blog at

19th May 09

How to lose weight, look good and feel fabulous with nutrition (first of two workshops)

Helen Turner


The title says it all! The second of these two linked workshops will take place on Tuesday 2nd June 09.


Helen Turner trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the visionary Nutritional Healing Foundation in Manchester. She works with clients all over the North West advising on their health and wellbeing.


26th May 09

Labyrinths - Ancient Myths & Modern Uses

Barry Hoon


This is a talk about the history, types and uses of Labyrinths, and how to make one for yourself...

Barry will talk about the history of Labyrinths from the Ancient Greeks, through the Americas to the Gothic cathedrals of Europe and discuss the different types of Labyrinths found around the world, from the Chartes and Classical types, to contemporary ones like the Breemie Labyrinth in Aberdeenshire, which are open to the public and available today.


But what are they for? We will also explore the various ways Labyrinths can be used, including walking meditations, the Appleton dance, and the Pilgrim's Path, all of which can be used for personal development, healing and self transformation.


Finally, Barry will demonstrate how to construct a seven circuit Labyrinth from a simple seed pattern.


Barry Hoon is a dowser, geomancer and labyrinth builder who lived on the side of the Tor in Glastonbury for 10 years. He co-created and built the Breemie Labyrinth in Aberdeenshire for the Summer Solstice 2005, which has become one of the largest contemporary labyrinths in the British Isles. He has recently launched a new oracle programme called Labyrinth to coincide with World Labyrinth Day on 2nd May.


2nd June 09

How to lose weight, look good and feel fabulous with nutrition (second of two workshops)

Helen Turner


The title says it all! Continuing the themes developed in the first workshop on 19th May.


Helen Turner trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the visionary Nutritional Healing Foundation in Manchester. She works with clients all over the North West advising on their health and wellbeing.


9th June 09

Somatics - moving the body for holistic healing
Sheila Kennedy and Maxine Brown


Somatics is (I think!) a way of using movement to heal the body. This workshop will consist of an introductory talk on somatics followed by a practical demonstration and exercises.

Somatics is a generic term for using movement to improve wellbeing, starting with the body. It has been described as 'a model of holism derived from bodily wisdom' and is a wide field incorporating bodywork (with or without touch) and movement modalities.

The body can be viewed from the outside in, or the inside out. Somatics gives awareness of the body's sensations and the body within, and encourages the individual's personal and sensory authority.

Sheila Kennedy and Maxine Brown are professional dancers, body educators and creative artists, currently studying for an MA in Dance and Somatic Well Being at the University of Central Lancashire.

16th June 09

The Seven Health Secrets from the Bee Hive
Yvonne Matthews

This is a rare opportunity to discover the amazing life of the bees and how they influence our lifes environmentally and spirtually. As Yvonne says, 'You will look at a bee differently after the talk!' The aim of the evening is to familiarise you with some of the products and benefits provided for mankind by the honeybee.

Bees are vital to all forms of life on this planet. As Einstein said, 'if the bees disappeared of the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life'.

Yvonne's products will be available to buy on the night

Yvonne Matthews has worked with complementary medicine for the past 17 years, learning and using many techniques from reflexology to dowsing. Whilst living in France she learnt the benefits of the products of the hive from local beekeepers, and has now become a biodynamic beekeeper herself. She makes organic, natural bee products which can be used to improve and support health.

23rd June 09

Dancing in the Moonlight
Declan Kerr

On (almost!) the longest day of the year, this is a celebration of the summer equinox, bringing in masculine and feminine energies of earth and of spirit and being in the moment.

Declan is a writer, a healer and a workshop leader. His style is experiential i.e. what it feels like to connect with angels, what it feels like to know yourself as an amazing spiritual being in human form, how it is to explore awareness and use the gifts and powers available to you as a child of earth and a child of the universe. Further details about Declan are on the web at 


30th June 09

Homeopathy and the Chinese Five Elements System
Emma McEvoy

Emma will talk about the Shen Cycle which is the basis of the Chinese Five Elements system and how it relates to homeopathic remedies. She will focus particularly on Apis, the bee remedy, linking to Yvonne's talk on 16th June, and its many uses.

Emma McEvoy is an experienced homeopath and vibrational healer with an extensive practice based in South Liverpool. She studied homeopathic dowsing under Jack Temple and has recently completed a postgraduate course in Shamanic Homeopathy. She can be contacted on 07989445471 and her website is