what happened in Autumn/Winter 2006 ...


Just for interest, this is the programme of talks, short courses and activities that took place in autumn and winter 2006 ...


 26th September Reconnective Healing
Sandra Sampson

Reconnective Healing is a new frequency of healing, an energy that goes beyond the techniques that we have had to work with until now. It reconnects us to the Universe and the Planet. We are all moving towards the 'shift', a time of new and higher vibrations, reconnecting us to who we once were. This technique is a gift of 'this time' and the future of healing.

Sandra Sampson is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner, Indian Head Therapist and Holistic Facial Therapist

 3rd October  

 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 1
Denise Wood

To quote Gary Craig, its founder, EFT is a unique version of acupuncture except you don't use needles. Instead, you stimulate well-established energy meridian points on your body by tapping them with your fingertips. Once you have seen how well EFT clears out emotional debris, you may notice how physical ailments start to fade. The basics are easy to learn!

Denise Wood is an EFT and TAT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Reflexologist

 10th October  

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 2
Denise Wood

The second of two linked sessions.

17th October


Homeopathy and Vibrational Healing 1
Emma McEvoy

These sessions will focus on using meditation techniques as a healing tool to maintain your vital force.

Emma McEvoy is a practising homoeopath who also uses other healing modalities. The techniques described in Emma's talks are of relevance to all holistic healers, whatever therapies they use.

24th October  



Homeopathy and Vibrational Healing 2
Emma McEvoy

The second of two linked sessions.


31st October



Discover the art of using tarot cards. The tarot's 78 allegorical cards with symbolic meanings are widely used for divination or accessing the unconscious. Tarot cards are often believed to show events past or future, to reveal thoughts or desires, or to answer questions.

Christine Ormesher is a talented local Tarot reader

7th November  


Making Natural Bodycare Products
Laura Kemp

Learn how to make your own beautiful, natural bodycare products (great Christmas gifts!) at this hands-on workshop. Choose your own combination of herbs or essential oils to create bath salts, or massage, face or foot oil. There will also be an opportunity to stock up on goodies from Holistix's range of locally-produced herbal and natural products.

There will be a small additional charge to cover the cost of materials.

Laura Kemp is the founder of Holistix, where she makes and markets her own natural herbal and holistic products.

14th November  


Brain Gym® 1
Louise Cooke

Brain Gym® or Educational Kinesiology is a school of Kinesiology that uses movement to release stress and create communication between all areas of the brain. These educational and experiential workshops will introduce you to how the brain is affected under pressure and some exercises and simple techniques that can be used on yourself or your clients to release tension and improve academic functioning. These can include tasks such as improved eyesight and reading skills, clearer thinking and improved performance for any task.

Louise Cooke is an accredited Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant

21st November    

Brain Gym® 2
Louise Cooke

The second of three linked sessions

28th November  

Brain Gym® 3
Louise Cooke

The third of three linked sessions

5th December


Aromatherapy and Personality: Exploring Aroma-Genera
Penny Brown

This workshop will explore Aroma-Genera, Valerie Ann Worwood's system of choosing emotionally beneficial oils suited to your personality type. Scents are very personal. When two people smell the same essential oil, the likelihood is that one will love it and the other will cough in disgust. Aromatherapists will ask their clients to smell the oils they have chosen, on the basis that if an oil smells good, it will do good.

Are you a Fruitie or a Seedie? Maybe with a touch of Floral? Find out your aromatherapy personality type, and identify which oil mixtures Nature has chosen for your emotional wellbeing.

Penny Brown is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Reiki Master and an avid collector of essential oils

12th December


Crystal Healing with a crystal jewellery sale
Denise Wood

Give or receive a crystal healing under the guidance of a practising crystal healer. There will also be an opportunity to browse and buy crystals, tumblestones, pendulums and hand-made jewellery: ideal for Christmas gifts!

Denise Wood is a Crystal Healer, EFT and TAT Practitioner, Reiki Master and Reflexologist

19th December


Creative Christmas Crafts
Eleanor Wood

Wind down with a Christmas-themed glass painting and card-making session, not forgetting the mince pies! Take home a hand-made card for someone special and a festive tea-light holder or glass for the table. Who'll notice the cooking when the table looks this good?