A bit of background ...


One Tuesday evening in September 2000 sixteen people, invited to form a holistic group,gathered around a large wooden table drinking mugs of tea and wondering what was going to happen next.


Since that day eight years ago, lives have been transformed. Knowledge has been shared, friendships forged, career paths changed and gallons more tea drunk by hundreds of people attending courses and workshops on homeopathy, the Kabbalah, t'ai chi, crystals, astrology dowsing, chakras, colour therapy, angels, abundance - and dozens of other holistic topics.


This unique group was the inspiration of one remarkable woman, Margaret Devaney.

As one of the first complementary practitioners on Merseyside, Margaret had a constantly-expanding range of therapies and queues of clients seeking her skills and wisdom. Typically, rather than rest on her laurels she determined to teach others to follow in her footsteps, and invited some of her former students to form a holistic therapies share group.


Like its founder, this group is unique. With no formal membership, no enrolment, no written programme, no fees and in many ways no name, the group has been hugely influential. It offers no qualifications, but lots of inspiration. Many members have undertaken formal holistic training, gained qualifications - and returned to share their experience. From sixteen people sharing a vague interest, the group now includes dozens of therapists qualified and practicing in reflexology, crystal healing, Reiki, aromatherapy, yoga, Bach Flower Remedies, Hopi ear candles, shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, EFT, the Metamorphic Technique and many, many other skills. New people are still welcome to walk in through the door. And we all still learn from each other.


For six years, Margaret Devaney single-handedly organised courses, programmes, speakers, events and administration, and still found time to walk down aching backs every week! She has been instrumental in changing lives for the better. In 2006 she decided to take a back seat. A small group has taken on the organisation of the programme: if we are half as successful, we will do well!


So, thank you, Margaret! Below are some memories, with love from us all:


"I joined the group in February 2002, having been introduced by a friend. My interest began with Reiki. I was attuned to Reiki I in 2002 by Margaret Devaney, then to Reiki II and subsequently became a Master/Teacher in November of 2004.

I have gained so much knowledge (and a very large folder of paperwork!) at this group, knowledge both of myself and of all things holistic. From reflexology to aromatherapy, with oh, so many things along the way!

I enjoy my Tuesday evenings, with like-minded people whom I love and trust."

Lisbeth (LHC steering committee member)